Our VDR APT (Voyage Data Recorder Annual Performance Testing) services are essential for numerous reasons, chief among them being the safeguarding of your vessel’s voyage data which is crucial in the event of an incident at sea. Just as the black box is crucial for aircraft, the Voyage Data Recorder is equally vital for maritime vessels, meticulously capturing nautical, audio, and other navigational data. By performing an exhaustive check of your VDR systems, we ensure that they are not only in compliance with stringent international maritime regulations but are also operating at optimal levels.

In collaboration with leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) like Danelec, Multidigital Nigeria Limited guarantees that the data recording capabilities of your vessel meet the highest industry standards. This partnership underscores the quality and reliability of the service we provide, ensuring that your VDR systems are future-proof and capable of withstanding the demanding conditions of maritime operation. With our services, ship operators can chart their courses with assurance, knowing they have the most accurate and reliable data recording systems watching over their journeys. This not only enhances maritime safety but also ensures swift and efficient accident investigations, should the need arise, ultimately protecting the interests of the shipping company and providing peace of mind.